Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Religion on the brink of extinction?

CNN posted this article that stated that scientists are figuring that religion is on its way of extinction. This of course is based on how people respond to religious affiliation, language and several other factors. They quote large percentages of populations in Eastern European nations are largely non affiliated with a religion.

That doesn't mean they are not religious....

We as Christian men should place our trust in RELIGION, but our faith in the Lord. Our faith defines us, and brings us closer to him. No scientist with whatever measuring tool, could never calibrate the power, the awesomeness and the deity of our God and His Truth he has laid out for us.

Let's not let our faith waiver when the world post silly articles such as these. We know that the world is heading that way. God told us that in his book.  We know the world has to come to that conclusion so that God's word becomes true and the work that he has been preparing for, to come and get his bride.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 10: Following Through And Your Word ~ Thirty Days Closer To God

Honor and Honoring Your Word...

Men, we have a code. Our code is a code of Honor and doing what is right. More important is that we honor our word. Honoring our word is one of the key things we can be measured as men. So often if you are found that you don't honor your word, you quickly lose respect and people are less likely to believe you OR IN YOU.

If your family doesn't believe you, then who will?

Be sure to take time to make your yes's be yes's and your no be no's. If you are not clear, you will quickly find yourself that alone and wondering why you don't have friends or that you don't have people in your inner circle. It is as simple as not making promises that you can't keep. Other examples of being wishy washy. What I mean by that is that you say you are going to help but bail at the last minute.

Sure things might come up. But if you consistently bail on your friends and family when they need you and that you gave your word, you may find yourself separated from those who love you but don't like the way you treat them.

Honoring your word is a key way to learning how to get closer to God. For HE always honors His word.