Friday, April 15, 2011

Day 11: Dealing with temptation ~ 30 Days Closer To God


Now there is the proverbial Pandora's box!

Oh no... Let's not talk about that. Nobody wants to share what causes them to want to turn 'to the dark side.'  But as Christians who are FREE in Christ, it is important that we confess them God. It is not that he already doesn't know, it is more of asking forgiveness.

It is like my wife making her nearly world famous chocolate chip cookies for a party with me eating them as soon as they come out of the oven. Little did I know that she intended those cookies to go to a few families in the community who recently moved or had an illness. Here I am so selfish for my wants, that I forget what she intended those cookies for.

I mean, I work long hours... I am Man of Da' House.... Don't I DESERVE a cookie? I mean, it is right there in front of me.... calling out to me. It wants me!

But what if that cookie is a really good looking cookie? A cookie that stands above the rest? What if it had just the perfect amount of chocolate chips, the perfect roundness, and smelled so cookie heavenly? Well... If I cannot eat it, can I at least look at it? Right? There is nothing wrong with looking? I mean it is just a cookie. While perfect in every way, looking doesn't hurt the cookie does it? What if I took a picture of the cookie and kept it on my phone? What if I took a whole bunch of pictures and made a magazine just about cookies? There could be big picture in the center of the magazine just dedicated to this one, perfect, beautiful, cookie...

But now with the pictures on my phone, and now a magazine, all I want is that round perfect chocolate chip cookie. It is consuming me. I must barge into the kitchen and have that cookie. Just a bite.... a nibble.... nobody will notice right?

But it is sooooo goood. It tastes wonderful, I am sure I would have been happy with the other cookies but man this is cookie NIRVANA. It just a split second, I have consumed the cookie. It is no longer perfect, round, or chocolatey. Quite frankly it was good and satisfying.... but look there are other cookies there as well. I mean, one good cookie deserves another right?

You see, in reality.... temptation is like that. Satan tries to find things to lure you to look more than once. Just like fishing, we cast out a lure in hopes to strike a big fish, so does Satan use his tools of the trade to get you to look twice, to dwell on things you know are not healthy, moral or ethical. He likes to bend the lines of justification where it makes it really easy and simple to sin. He does this in hopes that you will bend further down the road when he brings by the right lure at the right time....


He has snagged you. That is why you need to be wary of what tempts you. To confess it, to be honest with yourself and accountable to your brothers in Christ. You may think that lure looks like fish heaven, but another brother who has already suffered from being snagged by the lure can come to your aid and help you identify what is real from God and what is temptation from the world and Satan.



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