Friday, April 15, 2011

Give A Car ~ Money Goes To Charity Of Your Choice

Maybe it’s Jesus’ Fault.
Maybe it’s Jesus’ fault.
Maybe He led you to believe it was impossible, when it wasn’t.
Maybe He made you think that His sacrifices were because of his divinity, and not because of His love.
Maybe He made you think that every miracle was heaven sent,
That His strength was built on power, and not love.
Maybe it’s His fault that you didn’t see that pain gave Him strength.
That our pain was His fuel.
Maybe He led you to believe that loving your neighbour was a God given gift, and not something He practised – every single day of His life.

Maybe He showed us what we can’t be.

Or, maybe you’re just making excuses.

Giveacar is a social enterprise that allows each and every one of us to stop making excuses and help those who need it most. Giveacar raises money for many Christian charities by accepting donations of unwanted scrap cars, which are then scrapped or auctioned with the proceeds going to the charity of your choice. Through Giveacar you can be one step closer to living out the life that Jesus wanted us to live, by loving your neighbour, not matter how distant that neighbour may be.


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